Types Of Pizza
Types Of Pizza

Pizza is the most favorite dish that is consumed in various countries. The filling can be very varied, including: meat, fish and other seafood, herbs, vegetables and even fruits. Pizza varieties allow each person to choose one or more options they like.

So what is pizza like?

There are a great variety of pizza varieties. Pizza is baked on a thin and thick dough, it is prepared at home or ordered pizza delivery, it is used as a great option for a children's birthday party, family dinner or a friendly feast.

Answering the question: what kind of pizza is, it is worth mentioning the variety of fillings. The ingredients in pizza can differ in composition for each nation. So, for example, the Brazilians put peas in it, the Costa Ricans dilute the taste of the filling with coconuts, the Japanese with squid and eels, the French with various types of cheese. Real gourmets will appreciate the pizza with red caviar, crayfish, dandelions. Those with a sweet tooth will love the pizza with fruit, jam, berries, and chocolate.

Pizza is a versatile dish that can have various shapes (round, rectangular), be open or closed, and have different calorie content.

Let's find out what are the most popular types of pizza.

1. "Margarita"
The pizza recipe is fixed in a special DOC standard. Homeland Italy, or rather Naples. The dish was prepared and named after Margarita of Savoy. This version of pizza cannot be confused with any others, since its filling contains all the colors of the national flag white, green, red. The filling itself is modest and unassuming. For its preparation, sauce, Mozzarella di Buffalo cheese, basil, olive oil are used.

2. "Sicilian"
The recipe usually consists of anchovies, Italian pecorino cheese and tomatoes.

3. Pizza "Diablo"
Learning what types of pizza there are, one cannot but mention Diablo. The filling in it has a pungent taste. The filling includes sausages, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, champignons and chili peppers. Basil is added to taste.

4. Hawaiian pizza
The fillings vary, but typically include ham, pineapples, onions, green peppers, or jalapenos. Cheese and tomato sauce add juiciness to the pizza.

5. "Caprichoza"
Pickled tomatoes and olives highlight the flavors of Ricotta and Parmesan cheese and ham. Olive oil and herbs are traditionally used to make pizza. The composition of the filling may vary. It can contain vegetables (including corn, artichokes), fish, meat, mushrooms.

6. "Calzone"
This type of pizza is baked by folding it in half. The ingredients for the filling are usually oregano, mushrooms, ricotta, ham, mozzarella, parmesan.

7. Neapolitan pizza
It includes cheese, olives, sausage, fresh tomatoes, olive oil. The dough is traditionally prepared with yeast, most often with milk.

8. Pizza with seafood
Do you like seafood? This option is for you! This version of the pizza uses the freshest seafood combined with garlic sauce, lemon, olives and olives.

9. Pizza "Four cheese"
This type of pizza was invented for cheese lovers. For lovers of seafood there are many options for delicious pizza with seafood, for lovers of salami pizza with pepperoni, vegetarians can safely eat pizza with mushroom filling. And now justice has triumphed! Do you like cheese? Then feel free to order "Four cheeses", with the following components:

Parmesan cheese this ingredient sets the flavor;
Mozzarella is a soft and young cheese made from fresh selected milk;
Dorblu this ingredient gives the cheese composition a special aroma and flavoring notes that real gourmets will appreciate;
Brie cheese is a soft cheese made from milk that has a crust of snow-white mold.

All these types of cheese you can find at online gourmet grocery store
As soon as you taste one slice of pizza, you will understand that there is nothing superfluous here only the delicate taste of a variety of cheeses and thin dough.

10. Pizza "Four Meats"
If you are a meat lover, feel free to order this pizza for yourself. It contains chicken fillet, bacon, salami, ham, the taste of which is successfully complemented by Mozzarella.

11. Vegetable pizza
Speaking about different types of pizza, it is worth mentioning the vegetable one. This option was invented for vegetarians, as well as for those who follow the figure. Pizza contains the minimum amount of calories. The pizza contains mushrooms, bell peppers, Crimean onions, olives, tomatoes, tomato sauce.

12. Pizza with tuna
If you want to know what types of pizza there are for seafood lovers, try the tuna pizza. The filling includes tomato sauce, olives, mozzarella and tuna (also known as sea beef).

13. Pizza "Four seasons"
Wondering what types of pizza are there? Try this option. This pizza is divided into 4 segments according to the seasons: spring, winter, summer and autumn.

  1. "Hunter" pizza
    This version of the pizza is cooked all over the world. It cannot be called dietary and low-calorie and, nevertheless, the pizza is very tasty. Traditionally, it includes tomatoes, mozzarella, sauce, gherkins, hunting sausages, onions.
  2. Chicken BBQ
    This is a real masterpiece from the pizza chef. The pizza contains pickled onions, bacon, special BBQ sauce, mozzarella and chicken fillet.

These are the types of pizza. Choose the option you like!

Round and fragrant pizza, like the sun of Italy, gives its fans the joy of eating simple and uncomplicated, but so delicious dishes!

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