Our clients say
Our clients say

With large, filling pizzas and calzones, quick service, and easy pickup, Joe Pizza is one of our family's go-tos. The highlight of any pizza from Joe Pizza is the marinara sauce - it is so flavorful that you can eat it with a spoon! We also really enjoyed the pizza and calzones from this restaurant - the calzones, in particular, were stuffed with toppings and had a great ratio of mozzarella to ricotta cheese - I suggest you try the classic combo of spinach and sun-dried tomato. Even for larger orders to feed out whole family of 8, the service is very quick (~30 minutes when the restaurant isn't too busy), and curb-side pickup is a snap.

Our one minor complaint is that the ratio of ingredients in the grinders seems to be off; as another reviewer commented, the eggplant grinder has very little eggplant and seemed a bit dry. With a few tweaks and more of the excellent sauce, this item would also be a winner on the menu.

Vijay N. Mountain View, CA

Now is the time that all of us need to be supporting our local businesses and thanking them for keeping their doors open to us.
I have no ownership to this restaurant I am a loyal customer and I am thankful that the folks are keeping their doors open given the DraStic reduction in patronage because of covid-19.
if you haven't tried their Pizza pick up the phone and get a pie if you have tried their pizza then you should be picking up the phone and ordering another pie thanks to everyone you're doing a great job stay safe stay healthy

Cheryl B.Canton, CT

This is a consistently good meal.    My wife had a great burger with sweet potato fries and I had a meatball salad.   Delicious dinner.   Terrific service also.  We used a Groupon making it an even better value.

Peter B.Simsbury, CT

First time here and ordering take out to boot. The verdict... I will most definitely be back for more! It took everything I had not to reach into the backseat and start chowing down on my way home. It smelled like a pizza house in my car.
I got a small pizza with sausage, broccoli and black olives, it was DELISH!! Once I was able to dive in, that pizza had NO chance. Crust was super crispy and I love how the sausage and broccoli toppings were chopped like a rough mince. It made it soooo much easier to eat and and actually made each bite more flavorful. My only complaint is that the guy who took my order over the phone almost sounded annoyed to be taking my order, but the girl who rang me up was extremely pleasant. Overall, two thumbs up, definitely worth checking out.

Shannon B. Farmington, CT

Kudos to Joe Pizza in Canton for accommodating my special request this past Valentine's Day. I called ahead and asked if they would make us a heart-shaped pizza and they did it! My boyfriend's kid LOVED it! Not only was it super cute, but it was extremely tasty and we at the WHOLE THING in one sitting! Accompanied by a very fresh and also delicious Greek salad. Thanks Joe Pizza for helping us make this Valentine's Day special!

Becca M.Hartford, CT

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